Hi, I'm Steven Luu. I write and post photos to this website. I'm a software engineer at Facebook, based out of the Seattle area.


I'm a software engineer at Facebook. Before that, I was with Microsoft for 3.5 years. I consider myself very fortunate to work along side these intelligent people. Every day is a learning experience.


Making software is not only my profession, but also a hobby. Most of my side projects are available on GitHub.


I'm currently learning photography and occasionally post some presentable photos on this website. As the footer noted, everything posted here are released under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. Meaning they can be used and distributed for free, as long as your provide credit back to this site.


You can drop me a line to this email address: "me [at] luu.io". I'm also active on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and GitHub.