After the spectacular sunrise in part 1, I spent the rest of the day scouting out different parts of Zion National Park.

At 5AM the next morning, I found myself at a trail head ready for a sunrise hike. This was the second time I hiked this trail. I had hiked it the day before as part of my location scouting mission. I noticed many small puddles and muddy spots the first time—which meant the trail would be quite icy in the morning. Luckily, I came prepared with micro spikes, which made the hike much safer.

When I got to the top (and when it was not dark anymore), I realized that the "partly cloudy" forecast was a little misleading. There was no visibility towards the grand vista, while the sky was clear behind me. I stuck around for a few minutes then hiked back down. Cold and a little disappointed, I moved on to explore the valley.

Unbeknownst to me, the snow had transformed the valley overnight, with frosted tree branches, and a thin blanket of snow on top of the whole park. As photographed here, the frosted branches stood out beautifully against the red rock walls. Even though the morning did not play out as planned, I would still call it a success. How lucky was I to see Zion in such different conditions just on my first visit!

White frosted tree branches against red rock walls, Zion National Park