Intro: Zion National Park had always been on my list to visit, and it finally realized this holiday weekend. Between the nice sunny weather and the snow storm rolling in, I was able to experience Zion in ways I could never have imagined. As I slowly process the raw photos, I will share the stories behind them. Hopefully, this upcoming series of photos can give you a small taste of my experience in Zion National Park.

The Perfect Start

On the first morning, the weather seemed perfect. I had woken up early to catch sunrise. As usual, I gave myself a little buffer time to explore the area for a composition. Little did I know, there was a stunning view point just a few hundred yards from the parking spot. After circling for a bit, I got lazy and went back to the original view point—pacing around to keep warm while wait for sunrise. The sky turned pink, and then the rock walls lit up. I quickly grabbed a shot then played around with a few other compositions. As the sun rose, the initial travel angst that comes with the beginning of every trip seemed to have faded away. I let out a big sigh of relief and thought to myself "What a perfect start!"

Welcome to Zion National Park! 😁

Zion National Park red rock sunrise